The Industrial themed interior design celebrates the old rustic look in modern households. It has become a trend because of the strategic use of raw materials to enhance the space, making the mechanisms in the house as part of the design, instead of using extra building materials to conceal them.

Some common traits of the Industrial theme is to paint the PVC casings of the electrical wires black, to use them as a featured decoration. Track lights and simple pendant lights are the preferred lights in Industrial theme. The brick effect wall gives the space a rustic look, and the similar theme can be seen in the bedroom as well, synchronizing the overall theme in the entire home. The use of patterned tiles is a method to achieve a certain effect without compromising the quality, for example, concrete patterned tiles are used in the bathroom to give a aged look.

Black frames and caged wires are used repeatedly in the home, on the doors that separate the living area and study room; and the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. This gives the space a well-drawn boundary while still connecting two separate spaces visually.

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